All these people have moved to Scone.  They LIVE WORK INVEST in Scone.  They love the affordable lifestyle, the embracing community, the country, the proximity and the opportunities. They want to share their stories with you.

Annette English & Daniel Morgan

Annette English and her husband Daniel Morgan were both working high pressure jobs in Sydney. Their commute to work could take up to an hour, despite living 5kms from the CBD. Daniel was originally from Scone and his mother was ill.

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Colin Selwood


Colin and Tammy Selwood moved from Melbourne to Scone with their son Jackson in 2015 to open The Cottage Restaurant. They’ve created an exceptional restaurant in Scone and employ a team of 15 people, providing them a wonderful opportunity to further their career in hospitality.

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Michael Burke


Michael Burke is a partner at MacCallum Inglis after joining the business and having now invested in the MacCallum Inglis business. He is passionate about Scone and its community and is on the Scone Revitalisation Committee. He is also a big golf fan and tries to slip in as much golf as possible juggling busy family life.

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Daniel Zammit, Owner Operator McDonald’s Scone

Daniel & Belinda Zammit

Daniel and Belinda Zammit moved from Sydney to Scone in 2016. With three young children, lifestyle, community and proximity were becoming a greater priority. Training and a background at McDonald’s along with other business experience at a GM level, led Daniel along with his wife Belinda, to take up a McDonalds Licensee for McDonalds Scone.

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Catherine Chicken and her husband Cameron Collins were both drawn to Scone as specialist equine vets back in the mid 1990’s, attracted to the area because of the demand for high calibre of vets in the Horse Capital of Australia.

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David Gatwood was constantly travelling in his Asia Pacific role at AMEX and barely touching down to see the family. He and his wife Cathy decided to move to Scone with their daughters Hannah and Sarah, a few years ago for a change in lifestyle, pace and more family time.

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Elizabeth Mackenzie


Elizabeth and Peter Mackenzie moved from Brisbane down to Scone, both in their 80’s. Their daughter, Louisa had settled in on a cattle property outside Scone. Peter was living with Dementia. It was nearing time to take the next step of settling him into residential care.

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Duncan at Little Athletics

Duncan & Polly Yuille

When investigating the possibility of moving regionally Duncan and Polly Yuille were told “the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner.” Nearly eight years later – with three boys in school, meaningful careers and a life filled with friends and fun – they couldn’t agree more.

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